FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO (founded in 1995) is a unique, inclusive and eclectic forum for the exhibition and celebration of photography and photography-based art forms. The FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA Festival takes place every year, in September, throughout the San Antonio/Hill Country Metro Area.

Now in our 23rd year, FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA has fostered a tremendous growth in the photographic arts in South Texas. Mid-career and established artists showcase their talents alongside a burgeoning pool of avid photographic artists and enthusiasts. This reflects a deep interest in photography both as an art form and as a means of personal and cultural expression. It also points to San Antonio’s expansive, enthusiastic embrace of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO.

As organizers of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA, we provide the highest levels of quality and service for the benefit of festival participants and the community as a whole. We fully engage the rich multiplicity of the combined cultural legacies of our South Texas heritage, and we are proud of the opportunities for outreach, artistic advancement, and economic development that are generated by our Festival.

FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA has grown exponentially since we began in 1995 with a small group of exhibits and conferences. In 1998 FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA became a full-fledged international event, presenting the work of Mexican and European artists, and including a couple dozen exhibits in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Boston and New York. The 2000 edition of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA more than doubled in size, showcasing the work of over 180 photographic artists in 50 exhibits at galleries, art spaces, and other venues in San Antonio and other cities.

FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA 2002, included a wide spectrum of innovative photographic work from 230 artists in 75 exhibits at 62 venues in San Antonio, Boerne, Kerrville, New Braunfels, Austin, Houston, Orlando, Maryland and New York. Exhibiting photographers came from Peru, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Iran, Mexico, India and the USA.

In the early years, like every immature newbie, we thought size was important. We did not actively search for growth, it just happened organically because there were very few festivals around in 1995 and artists wanted a festival context in which to exhibit their work. But as we were preparing for FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA 2003 we began to realize that narratives were much more important than the number of exhibits being presented. More significantly, we also realized that what we truly wanted was a localized festival/platform that would allow us to cultivate a unique identity and a community appreciation for our festival. There could be no real community ownership if FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA was spread out all over the map. So we gradually brought our festival back down to it’s current size. We have found that thirty to forty exhibits is what’s best for an annual festival within the San Antonio/Hill Country metro area.

To view the exhibition and event schedules for the 2003 – 2011 editions of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA, please visit the ARCHIVE section of our web site.

We are working on digitizing archives from 1995 to 2002, the years before we implemented our web site.

In some instances, FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA exhibition openings in San Antonio are scheduled by geographical location. Exhibits within the same area host opening receptions on the same date; allowing the public to see more exhibits, more comfortably and more conveniently. At the same time, artists and venues benefit from the increased attendance that results from cross-promotional efforts and easier access.

Aside from the many exhibits on display in the San Antonio metro area during the month of September, galleries in the Texas Hill Country also show fine photographic works of regional, national, and international artists.

All FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA events are free and open to the public. If you are an artist or an organization interested in participating in FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA, please visit the GUIDELINES section of our web site for detailed information.

FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA and the SAFOTO Web Galleries online exhibition series, are produced by:

333 West Olmos Drive #103, San Antonio, TX 78212.

www.fotoseptiembre.comwww.fotoseptiembreusa.com | www.safotofestival.com

Michael Mehl, Festival Director
Ann Kinser, Editor and Quality Control
Paul Vaughn, Chief Technologist & Social Media Manager
Patricia Mendoza (Mexico), At Large
Chang Chaotang (Taiwan), Guest Curator
Krzysztof Jurecki
(Poland), Guest Curator

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