The Choice Awards is not a competition. The Choice Awards acknowledge and reward best professional practices of artists, curators, and exhibition organizers within the context of FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA.

Choice Awards include a check for $500.00.

Important Information About The Choice Awards

To be considered for a Choice Award, an exhibition must meet the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO criteria for best professional practices. These criteria include: Thematic coherence, stylistic consistency, originality of vision, technical execution, curatorial accomplishment, exhibition installation, and design and implementation of promotional materials.

The Choice Awards are presented only to exhibitions registered with FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO that are included in the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA calendar, and are on display in the larger San Antonio/Hill Country/Austin metro area. A Choice Award is presented only if all these conditions and the stated criteria are met.

A Choice Award may be presented to an artist presenting an exhibition that is a cohesive, unified entity. Exhibitions of local, regional, national and international artists are eligible if their exhibitions are located in the larger San Antonio/Hill Country/Austin metro area.

A Choice Award may also be presented to a curator or lead artist with a significant role in producing, presenting, and promoting an exhibition that meets the stated criteria.

A Choice Award may be presented to an organization or venue for their involvement in a select exhibition.

The Choice Awards are presented at the end of the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA Festival, after all the registered exhibitions have opened to the public.


Choice Awards will not be presented if the stated criteria for best professional practices are not met by any of the exhibitions listed in the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA calendar.

Choice Awards are not applicable to exhibitions curated, produced, or presented by FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO.

Very Important

The criteria and evaluations that define the Choice Awards reflect the personal views, opinions, and final determination of the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO Directors. Awards, or the lack thereof, are not open to appeal.