Please read carefully.

Participating in FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA is simple. Organize your exhibit or event so that it opens, takes place, or is on display in the San Antonio area or the Texas Hill Country, anytime between September 1 – 30.

You must register your exhibit or event to be included in the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA calendar listings and promotions. Use of the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA name and logo is allowed only for registered exhibits or events.

Fill out the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA Registration Form available as a PDF on this web site. Or copy the Required Registration Information text below, make your own document, and provide the necessary information. Send the completed entry form via email as an attached PDF, JPEG or email text file. You can also print the Registration Form and send it via First Class Mail, Fed-Ex, UPS, or courier.

FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA confirms receipt for every Registration Form received.

Registration Deadline

July 1 is the deadline for receiving the completed Registration Form, registration fee, and high resolution image files. Entries that do not follow these guidelines will not be included in the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA calendar listings, and fees will not be returned. If sending the Registration Form and images electronically, the registration fee has to arrive, mailed or delivered, by July 1. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Registration Fee

Registration fee is $100.00 per exhibition or event.

Required Registration Information

Please use a separate Registration Form for each exhibit or event. Use additional pages if necessary.

• Title of exhibition or event.

• Name(s) of artist(s) or event participant(s). Please write clearly.

• Name of venue, complete venue address with Zip Code, phone number, web site, email address.

• Opening reception or event date and time.

• Exhibition or event opening and closing dates.

• Exhibition daily viewing hours.

• Contact person, phone number, email address.

• Additional information: Curatorial, technical, related events, performances, etc.

• If you want to include a descriptive text or artist statement, send as a separate, editable text file.

High Resolution Images For Calendar Listings And Other Promotional Materials

Send 3 to 5 high resolution images to choose from for the calendar listing and promotions. Digital files should be 10 inches on their longest side (10×10, 10×8, 10×7, etc.), 300 DPI, JPEG files saved at Maximum Quality (12) or TIFF files (no image compression, Interleaved RGBRGB, Macintosh Byte Order), RGB. Send a CD or DVD (without adhesive labels), or send images via or other file transmission service, or via email. Prints are acceptable too, no larger than 8 inches on their longest side. Prints and CDs or DVDs with digital files are stored in the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA SAFOTO archives and will not be returned.

IMPORTANT: Images should be clean, without any imprint (digital or handwritten) of the author’s name or title of the image.


Include a check from a US bank or a money order for $100.00 payable to Michael Mehl. IMPORTANT: If the registration fee has not arrived by the July 1 deadline, your exhibit or event will be not be included in FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA.

Sending The Registration Form & check

Email the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA Registration Form to:

Mail the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA Registration Form and Check (payable to Michael Mehl) to: FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA, 333 West Olmos Drive #103, San Antonio, TX 78212.


All FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA participants should display the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA logo in promotional materials and at exhibition venues. Use of the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA name and logo is allowed only for registered exhibits and events.

You can download/access the FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA logo by clicking on the image below or you can request that we send the logo via e-mail.


For audience comfort and accessibility, increased attendance, and cross-promotional opportunities for participating venues, we encourage clustering exhibit openings by geographical location. Please contact us for detailed information.

FOTOSEPTIEMBRE and SAFOTO are privately owned Trademarks registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. All rights and usage reserved.