Thank you for your interest in FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA-SAFOTO.

Our annual festival and online exhibitions are eclectic and inclusive forums for photographic artists and enthusiasts from around the world.

Many outstanding artists exhibit with us each year. Our curated exhibits feature artists whose works show contextual consistency, sustained artistic growth, and a passionate commitment to craft.

With an emphasis on service and quality, we foster a professional exhibition environment; creating opportunities, enhancing careers, and providing significant international exposure.

We produce and present the following:

  • FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA International Photography Festival.
    September 1 - 30, every year, in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country.
  • The SAFOTO WEB GALLERIES online exhibition series.
    Ongoing web gallery exhibits for photographers and photography-based artists.
  • The BLOG section of our web site.
    Ongoing networking and information resource center for the global arts community, where we post timely information on events, competitions, and exhibition opportunities worldwide; with a general emphasis on the photographic, photo-based, and digital arts.

For information on schedules, deadlines and participation in our festival and online exhibitions,
please visit the GUIDELINES, GALLERIES, and EVENTS sections of our web site.

For more information about FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA-SAFOTO please visit
the ABOUT FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA section of our web site.

The FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA International Photography Festival and the SAFOTO WEB GALLERIES online exhibition series, are produced by:

333 West Olmos Drive #103, San Antonio, TX 78212.

www.fotoseptiembreusa.com, www.safotofestival.com
info@fotoseptiembreusa.com, info@safotofestival.com

Michael Mehl, Festival Director
Ann Kinser, Festival Coordinator
Paul Vaughn, Chief Technologist
Patricia Mendoza (Mexico, DF), At Large
Josefina Montero (Mexico, DF), At Large