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• Chang, Chaotang in New York

Chang, Chaotang’s images are deceptively simple. So is he. Introspectives : Photographs of Taiwan 1960 – 2005, is the third exhibit of Chaotang’s photographs I’ve curated in the span of a year. No mean feat. When I received a compilation of Chaotang’s work in early 2011, I took a cursory look at his images and […]

• Tomasz Sobieraj in Lódź, Poland

August 2011 Opportunities & Resources

Rooms Magazine competition in collaboration With Art Below. No fee required. Can you design an ‘Artvert’?! Art Below presents the latest poster challenge in collaboration with Rooms Magazine. We are challenging artists and designers to come up with a poster design that has the appearance of an advertisement. Art Below offers the opportunity to display […]

June 2011 Opportunities & Resources

Concurso Fotolibro Latinoamericano Editorial RM announces its 2nd Latin American Photobook Competition. The winning project will be published in book form and given worldwide distribution. Registration open until July 15, 2011.

May 2011 Opportunities & Resources

On the 6th of the month, 6 photographers and 6 of their photos are presented online like 36 exposures on 1 roll of film with differents ways to see. To participate in this selection, please send your pictures (in Jpeg 500 X 700 pixels and 72 dpi) via email or weblink.The selection will be made, […]

April 2011 Opportunities & Resources

Deadline May 31, 2011 Established in 1979 in honor of W. Eugene Smith, the legendary American photo essayist, the Smith grant is given to a photographer who is demonstrating an exemplary commitment to documenting the human condition in the spirit of Smith’s humanistic photography and compassionate dedication. Administered by the W. Eugene Smith Fund for […]